How to use a dental hygienist to diagnose yourself and others

  • September 13, 2021

A dentist has a specialised ability to diagnose you and your family.

Dr Mark Park, a licensed dentist in Sydney, uses a device called an EKG to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs of his patients.

Dr Park’s device is one of the most popular and highly regarded tools in the dental field.

Dr PARK, who is based in Western Sydney, was born in London but grew up in the city’s inner west and was exposed to the region’s dental community in the 1970s.

“I used to go to the dental school,” he said.

“It was an amazing school.

My school teachers and friends would come from around the world.

They had to be good at it, I used to take their exams. “

There were a lot of English and maths teachers in those days and I was one of them.”

They had to be good at it, I used to take their exams.

“But I had no clue.

They would ask you to go over the exam and then you would be tested.

I was very bad at that, I was not good enough.”

Dr Park was in his early 20s when he started working in dental practice.

“As I grew older, I did have a few dental students but I had never really worked with patients,” he explained.

“They were usually working for private dental companies.”

“They were paid by the hour, so if I didn’t do it, they wouldn’t be paid.”

I got very good at teaching, but there was always a need to get my practice up and running again.

“In the late 80s, a couple of people started doing some research into dentistry and realised that dental school students weren’t working out.”

Dr Parks’ early experience with dental students, and the lack of education in his profession, inspired him to set up his own dental school.

Dr Parks’ first patients were students at a local community college, but by the time he started school in 1996 he was working in dentistry full-time.

“Dentistry is something that was really unique to me and to my school,” Dr Park said.

“It was just my passion.

I had a very big passion for it.”

Dr Parker was initially reluctant to give up his day job.

“My main concern was that I would lose my income,” he told 7.30.

“At the time, there was a lot going on with our financial situation.”

“The day I got a job, I lost my income, my rent, my mortgage.

I really just had to live on a minimum wage.”

After a few months of working full-timatess, Dr Park decided he would be able to pay the bills himself.

He did so by setting up his practice in his father’s dental clinic in Sydney’s inner east, and began to see patients every other day.

“My first year in practice I had four patients a week.

We had three people with chronic pain, a diabetic and an asthmatic.

I would do four sessions a day.

It was a very healthy, relaxed experience,” he recalled.

“The dentists were very friendly, they would treat you with respect, they were really helpful, they gave advice.”

Dr Lee and Dr Park started working as a team, and soon their practice was seen as one of Australia’s best.

By 2000, Dr Lee was working full time in the industry and the practice was seeing strong growth. “

Our patients were so pleased with the service, they said they were so happy that we were in their business.”

By 2000, Dr Lee was working full time in the industry and the practice was seeing strong growth.

“In that year alone, we had over 400 patients a day, and we had a patient turnover rate of around 90 per cent,” he noted.

The practice was profitable in 2000 and 2001.

“During that time we had the biggest patient turnover in our practice, it was unbelievable,” Dr Parker said.

In 2004, Dr Parker was able to retire from the practice and moved to Melbourne to open a private practice.

However, it wasn’t long before the practice faced financial difficulties.

“Around 2006, we were on the verge of closing our practice and we went to the City of Yarra to get our license,” he recounted.

“A couple of months after we got our license, we went into receivership and we couldn’t recover our money.”

Dr Parkinson had to take out a loan to cover his debts.

He and his wife were forced to move out of their home, and were living in a caravan in Sydney.

“When I got the loan, I thought it was going to be something like $30,000, but I was so wrong,” Dr Parkinson said.

The debt became a financial burden for Dr Park and his family.

“If you’ve got debts, you can’t work,” he admitted.

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