How a man who spent years in the military helped save his own life

  • September 1, 2021

Il Venezia, March 11, 2019: In this excerpt from his autobiography, L’Abbado del Campo, Giuseppe Albiol, the author of “Il Campo” (The Black Hole), recalls his time in the army and how his service saved his own.

“In the army, there are certain rules that govern how you are treated,” Albiol told Radio Marche.

“It was in the Army of the Republic of Sicily, on a boat that I was going down, that the captain was looking at me and saying ‘You mustn’t say anything, you mustn´t say anything.

You can´t be angry with me, or talk about the war.

You mustn’t talk about anything.

If you don´t do that, you will be killed, because I was there for the revolution.”

Albiol, who is still alive, was a member of the Italian Army during World War II.

He served in the Sicilian Army from 1946 to 1952, where he was awarded the Legion of Honour.

“I was stationed in Sicily, and I had a small boat, the ‘Tristi’ which had four crew members,” Albio said.

“The crew members were all Italians.

I remember the captain said to me: ‘Listen, listen, if you are going to be in Sicily for three months, we have to put you in the black hole’.

So, I volunteered to go down with the other two guys, and we were taken into the black-hole.

There, we were given the orders to make a tunnel, which I did, and to make it to the shore.

But then I had to come back because I couldn´t stay with them any longer.””

I was in a boat for two weeks, and when I came back I couldn’t go on the boat anymore,” Albiel said.

The three others, who had to be brought to the island to be put into the submarine, were given a chance to leave.

“They were brought to an island, and then they were all taken to the submarine.

We stayed in the submarine for three days.

We had three meals a day.

They brought us food and we had some water.

I told them: ‘You will never be allowed to go in the water again.’ “

And then they put us in the boat again, and again they brought us back, and they gave the orders: ‘Get on the shore, and if you don’t come back, we will kill you, because you are on the island’.”

“I told them: ‘You will never be allowed to go in the water again.’

And they said: ‘No, we won´t let you go on a submarine.’

So I was really hungry, because it was the fourth time that we had had water. “

“I remember that I had only one meal a day, and that was the first day, I had no water.

So I was really hungry, because it was the fourth time that we had had water.

But we had just come back to shore, when we got on the beach.

And I saw a boat coming, and the captain told me: `You must not go into the water, because we are going down to the sea.’

I don´T know how many times I went down there. “

It seemed to me that I would die there.

I don´T know how many times I went down there.

And, in the middle of the night, I went into the sea.

I went back to my boat, so I could take a bath.

But the captain, he was the captain.

And he was going to take me to the top of the island.

And the next day I had enough water.

And they hit me. I couldn�t stand up. “

So, I remember coming to the surface, and suddenly, I heard footsteps, and it was a very angry Italian.

And they hit me. I couldn�t stand up.

They threw me onto the beach, and put me in the tub.

I was completely dehydrated.

And in the bath, I found a sponge.

They washed my face, but then they started to drain me out.

And that is when I was conscious.

I thought: I´m dying.””

It happened that I fell into the tub, and all the water went down my face.

But I wasn´t afraid, because my clothes were dry.

But when I went to the toilet, I was bleeding from the mouth.

I cried.

And my face was swollen.

And it felt like I was being crushed.”

Albetoli’s life was changed forever when he became a victim of a car crash in 1956.

“Two cars hit me, and one

Which Dentists in Your Area Are Good?

  • August 5, 2021

I’ve just finished reading the book, Dental Medicine in America, by Dr. James N. Bensley.

It is the first major work to analyze the data on dentists in the U.S. over the past 20 years and I’ve been looking at dental care in that area.

It was really nice to have a book that is not only an analysis of data, but an analysis and analysis of what is the best practice in this area of care.

The book covers topics like the history of dentistry, the history and impact of dentures, the relationship between dentures and dental disease, and the impact of the medicalization of dental care.

And the book has a really strong focus on dentures as a primary source of preventative care for chronic conditions.

It also explores the relationship with dental surgery.

For example, it talks about the importance of dental implants in treating osteoarthritis, and then it talks a lot about the relationship of dental work to the prevention of stroke.

You can see a great deal of work that goes into this.

But then there are some very surprising findings that were unexpected to me, which I’ll just give you the highlights of: 1.

The highest prevalence of chronic diseases among dentists is found in the Northeast, with 81% of dentists having diabetes.

The Midwest and West also have higher rates of diabetes.


The median age of dentist is 40.

This is surprising, because for decades dentists have been the least age-constrained professions.

And there are a lot of denture offices that are filled with older people.


The average number of patients per year in dentistry is about 100.

It’s also surprising to me that the median age is still around 50.

It seems to be getting older.

And, of course, the most important reason for this is that dentists are the only profession that offers preventive care through dentures.

The fact that dentures are now considered a preventive treatment for chronic diseases is one of the reasons they’re being replaced by dental implants.

But I also think there is a much broader picture here.

We now have data that shows that there are many more people with chronic diseases in this country than ever before.

So, it’s clear that dental work is a preventive care option that is undervalued, underused, and underrecognized in our society.


There are many, many more conditions that are caused by poor dental hygiene.

There is more than one reason for that.

One is that the majority of people are not going to have clean teeth because they have not had clean teeth in the past.

And so, you have a lot more patients who are being diagnosed with a lot less severe forms of dental disease and then you have people who have some serious disease, but they don’t have clean, clean teeth.

I have seen patients that were having so many infections that they could barely open their mouths.

They couldn’t even eat, because they couldn’t open their mouth.

And it was a very frustrating situation.

And I think that this is really a story about the value of dental hygiene in the health care system.

I’ve also learned that it’s very difficult to get enough clean teeth, especially in the elderly population, because the health system has to pay for a lot.

It has to spend a lot in cleaning up the dental cavities of people who are not getting regular dental care, because of their age, because there are so many conditions that they don,t have clean mouths.


And then, there are also a lot fewer patients who get their teeth fixed because of the work they’re doing.

For a long time, the dentists that were treating people had to get rid of all of the plaque, because most people didn’t have a clean mouth, and it was quite difficult to do that.

And now, there’s a lot better technology and technology has advanced.

So we now have a new generation of denturing devices, but we also have a great dental care system that is paying a lot for the services that denture dentists provide.

This has been really important to me because I am a physician who has worked with dentists for a long, long time.

And they’re the ones that are going to treat patients for decades and years to come.

So I have been very impressed with the progress that has been made, and I think we are a long way from having a denture-free America.

I would be thrilled if that could be accomplished in this decade.

Dr. Bruce Bierman is the president and CEO of the American Dental Association.

You’ll find more of his work on Bleacher Beat at and on Twitter at @biermansblog.

Follow Biermann on Twitter: @biersmann

Dentist in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, New South Wales, dies after falling ill with an algae fungus

  • June 20, 2021

Posted February 14, 2018 08:31:13 A dentist in South Australia has died after contracting the fungus coronavirus.

The Sunshine Coast dental professional died on Wednesday, February 12, after contracting coronaviruses coronaviral infection, according to a statement from the South Australian Health Department.

The dental professional, who was based at the Dental College of South Australia, was on duty in the afternoon of Wednesday, when he was taken ill with the coronavirochymosome, which can cause fever, headache and fatigue.

“This has been a very challenging time for the dental team and staff in South Australian, particularly given the coronatocytic nature of the coronavecrosis, as the dental staff have a lot to be proud of,” said South Australian Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy.

The Department of Health is continuing to monitor the situation closely, and encourages anyone who is in contact with the dental professional to contact them immediately.

The coronaviru is also currently circulating in New Zealand, and the Department of Agriculture is also urging people to keep an eye out for the fungus.

Affected areasThe South Australian State Health Department said the dental health professional had contracted the coronaviirus on March 12.

“He had contracted a coronavirent pathogen and died at the hospital,” a statement said.

Topics:dentists-and-medical-professionals,dental-health,diseases-and.contaminants-andurine,dysentery,diet,southern-africa,south-australia,sa,austriaMore stories from South Australia”

Anyone who is concerned about the health of a friend, relative, colleague or anyone in their family should seek urgent medical advice.”

Topics:dentists-and-medical-professionals,dental-health,diseases-and.contaminants-andurine,dysentery,diet,southern-africa,south-australia,sa,austriaMore stories from South Australia

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