When a dentist loses his license: What you need to know

  • September 3, 2021

When a toothbrush that washes your teeth is in the same cabinet as a brand new car, what does that mean for your dental practice?

Dentists can lose their licenses for poor hygiene, not following the latest dentistry protocols or not properly maintaining their equipment, according to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

The state’s licensing standards are designed to protect dental health.

In fact, in Alabama, dentists are required to undergo an eight-hour dental course, which is considered a “Dental Safety Certification” by the state.

However, the state has been lax in its enforcement of the regulations.

In 2014, only nine dentists had their licenses suspended or revoked.

According to the National Association of Dental Officers, “There is no state regulation that mandates or encourages the use of dental products or procedures that may have negative impacts on the oral health of patients.”

Dentists say that in addition to not following dental protocols, their dentists often fail to follow state guidelines for safe procedures and procedures, such as dental cleaning.

“The dental profession in Alabama is underfunded, understaffed, undertrained, undercompensated, underrepresented, underprivileged, and under-equipped to meet the dental needs of the public,” said Dr. Jeffery Bierut, a professor of clinical dentistry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Dentists have no incentive to follow the state standards for proper dental care.

Dentists are not required to follow any standards for quality or safety,” he added.

 While some dentists have been able to re-establish their practice without losing their license, others have had to close because they cannot find qualified staff to work the register, according and former dental nurse Elizabeth Ahern.

“In Alabama, if a dentist can’t keep their dental license, they cannot practice dentistry,” she said.

“I was hired by a dentist, and they are not able to keep their license.

The fact that they cannot afford to hire someone to do the job is pretty concerning.”

In 2014 the Alabama Department of Licensing and Regulation (ALDSR) released a report which found that while “the number of registered dentists in Alabama has increased by about 1,200 in the past three years”, there was “an alarming lack of staff to maintain the dental workforce.”

 “It is clear that dental licensing in Alabama remains a challenge for the state, especially for dentists who are the primary care providers for their patients,” the report said.

The report also cited “unhealthy staffing levels” as the biggest concern.

The report also found that, despite the high number of dentists that were in the state of Alabama, dental licensing “continues to be a difficult and costly undertaking” and that “the current staffing levels of the state do not adequately protect the public from dental harm.”

As the number of dental licensing licenses is in decline, the number and quality of dental staff are also decreasing.

According the DHHS, there were 723,834 registered dental practitioners in Alabama in 2016, down from 1,722,534 in 2015.

“There were just over 2,100 registered dental residents in the State of Alabama in 2020,” according to DHHS.

In Alabama state, the dental license renewal rate is the highest in the country, according the state Department of Insurance.

“Alabama’s dental licensing is not the best in the nation,” Dr. Bieruts said.

As dental licensing has declined in the US, dentistry practices in the UK have been finding ways to diversify and compete.

According to the University Of Southampton, there are now over 400 dentists practicing in England.

In contrast, in the United States, there is just one dental dentist practicing in Alabama.

Although dentists say they want to practice in the South, many dentists do not have the money to relocate to the South.

Dental schools are struggling in the region.

According in the National College of Dentistry, the UK’s largest dental school, its enrolment is down by 3,000 students, from 7,000 to 5,500. 

“Dental school enrolments are in the process of declining in the U.K. because of the shortage of teachers and facilities,” according the college’s report.

“While many dentistry schools in the North are planning to increase enrolments, dentic schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are considering other options to maintain their dental programs.”

The report added, “The dentistry industry is in a global downturn, and it is difficult for dentistry to find staff who can do the work, and pay for the training, to fill the vacancies.”

The dentists of the South say they cannot accept that their profession is falling apart. 

“[Dentistry] has been such a vibrant and thriving industry

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