Seattle dentist, salem dentist, white dentist arrested for bleaching teeth

  • October 19, 2021

A Seattle dentist and a salem dental surgeon are being charged with a misdemeanor in connection with an investigation into a bleaching incident in which dental staff were required to wash the teeth of patients in a salons dental office in August, the Oregon Department of Justice said Thursday.

The dentist, Dr. William L. White, and the saloon dentist, Chris L. Smith, were arrested Aug. 29 on suspicion of operating a saloon dental practice in violation of the Oregon Public Health Act, the department said in a statement.

The case was being prosecuted by the state’s public integrity unit.

The saloon was not in compliance with state and federal standards and the department was taking further disciplinary action, the statement said.

Salem’s chief health officer, Dr Stephen K. Haines, issued a statement calling the charges a “very serious” violation of Oregon law.

Haines said he could not comment on the details of the case because the criminal case was ongoing.

White and Smith were not immediately available for comment.

Oregon’s Office of Professional Competence issued a report in October that said dental equipment used by the saloons dental office was not properly maintained and had failed to comply with state standards for keeping patients’ teeth healthy.

The office found that the dental equipment was not adequately sterilized, that there was no cleaning or sanitizing of the equipment and that there were multiple instances of patients having their teeth bleached without the required treatment, the report said.

Dental office refuses to let me use Google News

  • September 6, 2021

My dentist refused to let the dentist at my dental office use my Google News feed for the past two days, despite repeated requests.

When I refused, he told me that it would be against our policy to use Google for research.

The dentist then began deleting all my posts, which are on a Google News site, and even told me he was banning me from his office.

When the dentist attempted to get back to me via email, he was told that he would have to send a court order to get me back to my dentist.

My dentist has been using my Google account to do research on my family, which is an ongoing legal battle.

My family is suing Google for infringing on their patent on the search engine.

The search engine’s patent covers the ability of the user to access and analyze content based on a user’s location.

The Google News platform, which allows users to search for specific articles, includes a section on “Content Usage Guidelines.”

These guidelines define how users can use Google search terms in their articles.

Google’s guidelines state that users can not search for “white dentist,” for example, “white dentist” or “white doctor.”

Instead, users can search for articles that describe white dentists or white doctors.

This section also states that users should not include the word “dental” in search results, which would exclude dentists who practice in the United States.

Google has not responded to my request for comment.

The law does not specifically address the use of Google News.

However, in a statement provided to Ars Technica, Google defended its use of the search term “white,” saying that it was “a term that was created by our search engine algorithm” and that it had never been prohibited.

According to Google, the term “dentists” is a “broad category” that encompasses “people who practice dentistry.”

The statement goes on to say that Google “does not intend to restrict the ability to use these terms for research.”

Ars Technic’s David Emslie contributed to this story.

Google News for dentists article Ars Technia was unable to reach the dentist for comment, and his office did not respond to Ars’ request for an interview.

In a follow-up email, the dentist said he would be willing to speak with Ars.

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