What do you think of the latest dentist in the state?

  • October 13, 2021

By Eric BeechingThe dog dentist in Kentucky was caught on camera doing some dog surgery in front of a large crowd of people.

Dentist Frederick McDermott is a popular figure in the Kentucky dog community.

McDermott, 63, who has worked for the state since 2007, said he had an appointment at the Kentucky Dental Association’s headquarters at the University of Kentucky’s campus in Louisville last Saturday.

The crowd was gathered to listen to him discuss the benefits of the procedure on dogs.

McDermings office is just a few doors down from the headquarters of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association.

When he opened his office door, the crowd of approximately 200 people were greeted with a small sign saying “Welcome to the Kentucky Dentist.”

Mcdermott then showed the crowd the operation he was about to perform.

He began by cutting off the dogs head with a knife and began by removing its tongue and then removing its mouthparts.

He then inserted an incision in the dog’s neck and used a screwdriver to push it down.

The dog was then moved into a crate to be euthanized.

Mcdermings website states his practice is “the premier dog dental practice in the United States.”

He also has a Facebook page for the Kentucky Dog Hospitality Association.

In 2016, he wrote an open letter to the state of Kentucky calling for a ban on all dental practices in the country, and for the establishment of a “Dental Safety Advisory Committee” to ensure the health and safety of the dog community, including the owners and other health care professionals.

McDrums actions in 2017 have garnered international attention, and led to the formation of a group of veterinarians to speak out against his actions.

In the letter, he also called for a national moratorium on dental practices, a ban of all dog breeding, and the banning of “animal feed” products.

In a statement, McDermott said he was “appalled” by what he had done.

“The Kentucky Doral Association is proud to represent our state, and it is unfortunate that this video is a part of the ongoing controversy surrounding our state’s animal welfare policies,” he said.

The dog in question has since been euthanased.

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