Which dentist is most popular in San Diego?

  • September 6, 2021

San Diego is home to some of the most popular dentists in the world, and the top-selling dentist in the US is Dr. David Yager.

But which one is the most influential?

We caught up with Yager to find out.

How did you get into dentistry?

When I was in college, I was diagnosed with a form of cancer and needed a transplant.

My family didn’t really have a lot of money.

I had been living on a farm and I ended up going to medical school to get an MD and to do a fellowship at UCSF.

So I got into denturing.

My first day I took a class, got a degree and went to work.

When I got to my first appointment, the nurse came out and said, ‘You have a very bad problem.’

I had the gallbladder removed.

So they put me on antibiotics, and I was on a ventilator for the next six months.

I came back and the next day I had surgery.

I started working out of my office, doing exercise, taking my wife on walks, and doing yoga and swimming.

I was doing all these things.

I did the whole package of things.

So then I moved to the U.S. and got a residency.

It was at the University of California at San Diego.

I worked for the university for two years, and then moved to Chicago, which was a much smaller city, and started working there.

I had a couple of different practices, and they didn’t have enough people, and so I moved back to the UC San Diego campus.

But that was the last time I worked as a dentist.

Then I had a stroke, and it was pretty bad, and we had to stop.

So when I got back, I went to the hospital.

And I didn’t want to be a dentist anymore.

I wanted to start working in dentistry as a private practice.

But I was so afraid of that, that I thought, ‘I can’t be a patient, I can’t do anything.’

So I started doing all the little things that I used to do in the office, and now I just do it.

It took me a while to adjust, but it was good.

So I went back to San Diego and started practicing, but then I had to move out of the office.

So now I am doing the office part of the day, I’m taking my car out to the store and the rest of the time I am just doing my own thing.

I work with a lot people.

I don’t want people to feel that they are a burden, but they need to understand that there are people out there who really care about them.

What does it mean to you to have a dental practice?

It’s nice to have people around you.

I mean, I get a lot in my office.

I do yoga and I do meditation.

I also have a massage therapist.

So, it’s nice that people get to see me and see what I do.

I really like working with people, but I like being a little bit outside my comfort zone.

I don’t think people really know me.

I am a guy that has been around the block a few times, and this is my second place in the country.

I’m going to try to come back to my hometown.

But you have to get used to that, because I haven’t really had the experience of living in a place that people can see me, and not really know who I am.

So that is a little new for me.

How do you manage to do things on your own?

You have to have an inner strength, and you have have to work really hard.

But the hardest thing about this business is that you just have to accept it.

There is a lot more pressure that you have, so it’s just hard to accept that.

It’s a very difficult job.

It is not glamorous.

It has not been glamorous for my wife and my kids.

I feel like I’ve had to make some sacrifices to stay alive.

It takes a toll on you, but that is part of what it is about it.

I like my job.

I love the office and I enjoy working with my patients.

But there is something I love about it: I have a family.

And it’s been great for me to have them around me.

I feel like people who come to see a dentist think that they can get everything done.

But if you don’t take care of yourself and if you are not taking care of the people around and if your patients don’t feel supported, it can be a challenge.

I would like to see the dentist come to my house.

I would like that to happen.

But right now I don, because you are just a part of your own community, and that is nice.

What do you miss about San Diego that you miss out on in other parts of the world?

I have always had a family, and my wife’s family

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