Why Dentists are going to die out

  • September 17, 2021

DENTAL OFFICE DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (DENTAL) are about to take a hit in the US as dentists in other countries are facing a similar fate.

Dentists have a long history of being a critical source of healthcare and education.

But dentists are facing the prospect of being the next casualty of a healthcare shakeup that has already seen the departure of many global leaders, such as Dr Peter White and Dr Nicky Wood.

The news comes as Dentist Federation of Australia (DFA) president David Fenton warned there was no reason to believe dental care in the United States would not be a challenge in the coming years.

“We’ve seen in the last few years the emergence of what’s known as the internet dentistry model.

It’s all about the internet, you can get it anywhere, you’re all in, you have the technology, it’s a lot cheaper and easier,” Mr Fenton said.”

So you’ve got the Internet dentistry in the UK, the US, India, and a host of other countries and now China.”

I don’t think that’s going to be a problem in the foreseeable future, and I think that the dental industry as a whole is really going to do well and really be successful.

“He said the industry was still facing challenges, but it was “a pretty good sign” that dentists were not facing the same threats that dentistry faced in the past.”

They’ve got to get the dental equipment, they’ve got a really hard job, but that’s where the real challenge is,” he said.

Mr Fenton was not the only one to suggest dentists had faced an existential threat.

Australian Medical Association president Dr Peter Wilson said the dental profession was facing a “crisis” and he believed it was time for the dental sector to get its act together.”

This is a crisis for the profession and dentists as a profession, but also for Australia, and it needs to be dealt with urgently,” he told the ABC.”

It’s a matter of survival, and not just for the dentists but for the country as a country.”‘

We’ve got it covered’The United Kingdom has seen the closure of over 400 dental practices in recent years and there are concerns the same will happen to the United Kingdom if dental work was to be outsourced.

In the UK in 2019, the National Health Service had 1,822 dental practices and about 3,400 dentists.

In 2016, dental work accounted for 5.5 per cent of the UK economy.

In New Zealand, the dentistry sector is also facing a crisis, with some dentists retiring and others retiring due to poor management and a lack of workforce to cover growing demand.

But there is no evidence to suggest dental work is becoming more difficult in the country.

Dental Institute of America president Tom Cairns said the US had a strong dentistry industry.”

The fact that we have such a high demand for dentistry, we have a good dental workforce, we’ve got good training and I do think we’ve been able to stay ahead of this in a number of areas,” he explained.”

There’s been some pressure on the denture industry, and denture training is a big one, and also the practice of the dental workforce has been on the rise, so there’s been a lot of growth.

“He was optimistic about the future of dentistry as it entered a period of transition.”

Dentistry is in a transitional phase right now, but I think it’s still the gold standard for what’s needed in the healthcare sector,” Mr Cairnes said.

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