Why the internet has gone crazy over the #KoolSavesDental #DentistForDentists hashtag

  • June 17, 2021

An article from TechRadars sister site, theScore, looks at how the internet is turning to Kool-Saves, the dental company that has been accused of stealing from dentists, in order to make extra money.

The hashtag #KoolsavesDentals, or “Dentis for Dentists,” has been used more than a million times in the past month alone.

The campaign has been around for some time, and has gained traction on social media, with #KolarsavesDontDish for Dentistry trending on Twitter.

The internet has already taken to hashtags to help support the dental industry.

For example, #KoodsavesDenture has been trending since October.

Kool-saves Dental, which is owned by the KoolSavers brand, has received widespread criticism, as it is accused of being predatory in its practices and unethical in its treatment of patients.

In February, the company pleaded guilty to four counts of securities fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit securities fraud.

According to court documents, the firm is accused in the case of “doubling the costs and risks of a dental procedure for a low-income patient, using misleading marketing and deception to avoid payment of its patients.”

In a letter to the court, KoolShaves CEO Michael Bode wrote, “As a result of the investigation we have received, we have discovered that Kool Shaves was not in compliance with the rules, and in fact had over $1 million in assets and debts.”

He went on to say that the firm “failed to properly supervise and oversee the dental services it provided to its clients.”

Bode also accused the company of charging higher fees to lower income patients.

According the court documents:The company’s attorneys did not respond to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Bode did not specify the kind of services the Koolsaves dental clinic provided, but did say in the court document that the clinic “provides high quality services to patients with dental needs who are able to afford them, and provide quality care to patients in a safe environment.”

The spokesperson added that “the allegations against Koolshaves are baseless and baseless allegations, and they are the result of one company exploiting an underserved and underserved patient population, and charging an unaffordable fee.”

The attorney general’s office said in the letter that the allegations are false and false representations made by the defendants.

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